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SLMC1“Utah’s Other Choir,” the Salt Lake Men’s Choir is one of the state’s oldest member-supported arts organizations. Started by thirteen men in 1982, the choir has a long history of great music.

We have performed throughout the state of Utah as well as in Idaho, California, and the National Cathedral in Washington, D.C. We are also thrilled to have performed in a sold-out Sydney Opera House as part of the Sydney 2002 Gay Games VI Sport and Cultural Festival.

We concluded our 30th year, the 2012–13 season, with “Love Letter to Broadway,” May 17–18, 2013, at the Salt Lake Masonic Temple. We concluded our 33rd year, the 2015–16 season, with “A Broadway Convention” April 29–30, 2016, also at the Salt Lake Masonic Temple.

Our artistic director, Dennis McCracken, joined us in 2006 — and the choir has seen steady growth in numbers and quality since he combined his talents with our enthusiasm. Under his direction, we produced our first CD, “Sing We Now of Christmas,” in 2011.  We have recorded our second CD, a collection of Broadway hits, during the summer of 2013.

Wesley Brady, former SLMC President, led the organization for more than ten years, and we are very lucky to have his steady hand and wise counsel to guide the organization. Wesley has been a member of the SLMC nearly as long as the organization has been in existence. Justin Hudspeth has been elected SLMC President and his drive and insight are sure to continue guiding the choir as well as expanding our experiences. We welcome Justin!

Singing funAs a volunteer community choir, our organization has accomplished much since its beginning. Our ability to do that is found in the pledge of commitment we make to each other to be the best we can be, both individually and collectively. Integrity, good will, and trust in each other have built the choir on a strong foundation of brotherhood.

The SLMC is a non-profit, 501(c)(3) organization, and is supported by generous contributions of many individuals and programs. We express our ongoing gratitude to these organizations, and to the many individuals who support the Choir.  Visit our Sponsors page to learn more about these people and programs.