Choir Council

The Choir Council oversees the affairs of the SLMC and keeps the organization running smoothly.  The council usually meets on the second Tuesday of every odd-numbered month, and choir members are encouraged to attend and participate.
The following individuals currently serve on the Choir Council:


Dennis McCracken, Artistic Director
Justin Hudspeth, President
Josh Tipton, Vice President
Chet Petersen, Treasurer
F. Scott Smith, Secretary
Wesley R. Brady, Development Coordinator
Joel Jay Vallar, Librarian
Leland Flinders, Emeritus Librarian
Adrian Ruiz, Costume Maven / Historian
Nathan Buchanan, Graphic Designer
Terry Gilman, Production / Member Outreach
Bobby Moody, Marketing / Public Relations
Troy Davis, Webmaster

Section Leaders

Daniel Kenner, First Tenor
Brett Handy, Second Tenor
Courtney Moser, Baritone
Jason Snarr, Bass