Choir Council

The Choir Council oversees the affairs of the SLMC and keeps the organization running smoothly.  The council usually meets on the second Tuesday of every odd-numbered month, and choir members are encouraged to attend and participate.
The following individuals currently serve on the Choir Council:


Dennis McCracken, Artistic Director
Justin Hudspeth, President / Public Relations / Marketing
Chet Petersen, Treasurer
F. Scott Smith, Secretary
Wesley R. Brady, Development Coordinator
Leland Flinders, Emeritus Librarian
Joel Jay Vallar, Librarian
Adrian Ruiz, Costume Maven / Historian
Nathan Buchanan, Graphic Designer
Terry Gilman, Production / Member Outreach
Bobby Moody, Marketing Assistant
Troy Davis, Webmaster

Section Leaders

Johnny Richards, First Tenor
Brett Handy, Second Tenor
Courtney Moser, Baritone
Jeff Smith, Bass